A short video I took during the first week of June on a northern Michigan stream in 2014.  Needless to say, it was a great evening after the camera was put away…

If you haven’t heard already, in Michigan, we do a lot of fishing at night.  Thats when our fish feed most consistently- you could say recklessly.  Fly fishing in the dark isn’t as hard as you’d think it would be, and is something every fly angler needs to experience.

This is a trailer for the main feature of a DVD called “The River” by ThirdYearFlyFisher. It is the main feature on an upcoming dvd of the same title. The dvd also contains two bonus features, the full version of “The Brothers Brown” which was apart of the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour and another feature called “Summers” about legendary Michigan bamboo fly rod maker Bob Summers.  You can rent or purchase the river by clicking here.

Night of the Hex, a short trailer from the DVD of the same name by ThirdYearFlyFisher.  You can rent the full length movie or buy the DVD by clicking here.

A video I made while playing around with the camcorder.  Sharing it here because it gives a glimpse of what kind of water/structure anglers who have never fished northern Michigan can expect on the Holy Waters of the Au Sable River and other area streams.


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