Testimonials and References

“You know where the fish are and how to put your clients on them, keep it up and hope we can fish together again soon!”  — Mike P.,  Grand Haven, MI

“I think I learned more about fly fishing in the first 30 minutes of our trip than on all of the other guide trips I’ve been on combined.” — Don L., Chicago, IL.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better guide when Alex took me and my step-son out to catch brook trout. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He was able to show my step-son how to roll cast in no time at all. Honestly, we were catching fish within the first 15 minutes.”  Paul Beal, Indiana, writer of the blog FrankenFly.

“Had a great night and lots of fun with you, Alex. Learned a lot about boat positioning and steering. I can’t believe we made it through most of the stuff without a bump.” –Nathan S., Gaylord, MI.

“I wanted to say thank you…Steve and I had a great time…I learned how to properly tie knots and how to use a fly rod…We saw lots of wildlife along the river edges, and some beautiful scenery along the way. I also learned I need to take rain gear along, just in case, 🙂 Thank you Alex for a great evening and all the help you gave me, we can hardly wait to go again!” –Michele O., Gaylord, MI.

“Thanks, Alex, it was nice to meet you and we had a great time! Thanks for all the helpful pointers and lessons along the way last night!” –Brandy and Steve S., Gaylord, MI.

“I’ve been fishing in Northern Michigan for about a decade, and with Alex at least once each trip over the last 5 years. Every trip with Alex is an absolute adventure! Whether it’s casting Chernobyl Ants on The Black or Tricos on the North Branch, we’ve had a blast! Last summer, he introduced me to my latest fascination, mousing. Standing thigh-deep in cold water in July, casting gigantic mouse imitations to placid pools sounds like a serene pastime. Doing it when you can’t see your hand in front of your face is a serious game changer in the ‘pucker’ department. Hooking and landing a very large, pissed-off Brown is just icing on that adrenaline buzz. No Redbull required. –Jim Stuard, Cincinatti, OH, Senior Editor, Fly Fish Ohio Online Magazine

Going off of a recommendation, I decided to take a chance and hire Alex to guide my friend and me on the Au Sable River. Being seasoned fishermen, but not true fly rod wielding trout getters, Alex was patient and extremely helpful. Equal parts coach, fly fishing educator, history and science professor, and wind knot remover, Alex handled the boat and two average fly fishermen easily — all while putting us on fish. Later that same week, my friend and I headed further North on our own and his sage advice repeatedly helped us increase our success. We had a fantastic day, and I highly recommend Alex to the novice and seasoned angler alike. — Doug C., Lakewood, OH.

“Alex Cerveniak is one of the best fly fishermen I’ve ever fished with. He is a superb caster and angler, but what sets him apart is his fundamental knowledge of the insects and conditions on the water and his ability to apply that to his approach to fishing each day. His intimate knowledge of the local fish and waters guarantees you a good shot at fish and a great day on the water.” — Jason Tucker, Alanson, MI, writer of the blog Fontinalis Rising.

“Alex has either discovered the secret of stretching time, or he doesn’t sleep. No mortal man could possibly do as much, nor do it as well day after day as Alex does. He is always fishing, he is always tying, and he writes like a maniac; a brilliant maniac. Somehow he manages to attend classes to advance his education, attend to family duties, and work. And I can’t mention the title of a book on fly fishing or tying that he hasn’t already read. Any day now I expect to see an expose in Hatches Magazine that Alex’s mother had triplets, and ala George Foreman, named them all Alex…” –Bob Mead, Scotia, NY, Fly Fishing Celebrity

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