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10408163_301413300036734_67330893158903902_nOne of the cool things about fly fishing in northern Michigan is that there is just so much to do here!  Small streams or big water, brookies or browns, moving or stillwater, tricos or mousing, float trips or backcountry bushwhacks.  Wild fish are the norm, not the exception, and our hatches rival or exceed any other region in the United States.  And on most trips, my clients will never see another angler.

Northern Michigan is literally a fly angler’s paradise.

There is always some type of season at its peak, and if you play your cards right, you can run and gun from one hatch or season to the next- minimizing exposure to those unproductive transition periods where the fishing is hit or miss, and often more importantly, minimizing exposure to increasing angling pressure.

I guide on the mainstream and south branch of the Au Sable system, as well as on several streams in the northern lower peninsula which have equal (or some would say better) fishing as the Au Sable but aren’t named here to help keep angling pressure to a minimum.

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Popular Trips Options Include:

Float Trips
– Starting in 2018, I will be guiding out of a classic, Au Sable River Boat.  This historical boat is a true pleasure to fish from.  Built by Lacey Stephan of Grayling, MI in the Spring of 1991, this boat is still in excellent condition and one of the best watercraft out there for fishing dry flies.

au sable river boat

My Au Sable River Boat, a gem built by Lacey Stephan of Grayling, MI in 1991

Float trips are the ideal way to cover lots of water.  They’re also ideal for fishing water that is inaccessible to the wading angler due to depth or distance from public accesses.

Night/Mousing Trips– One of the things we’ve been doing for decades in northern Michigan- and doing it well- is fly fishing for trout at night.  Whether that means fishing a blanket spinnerfall of hex or brown drakes, or throwing mouse fly patterns at the bank and stripping them back in pursuit of trophy-sized brown trout, there is nothing more surreal than floating down the river under the milky way.


Small Stream Trips– We are extremely fortunate to have some of the best small stream fly fishing in the country right here in northern Michigan.  Some of these gems are inaccessible to commercial watercraft, and thus walk-in/wade only.  These streams average 15 to 60 feet in width and hold brookies, browns, and rainbow trout.  My personal favorite only holds brookies, and they grow big there.  I fish three others that get late summer runs of migratory brown trout, trophy-sized, and eager to break your heart.

While some of these streams have been written about extensively, they cannot handle the level of angling pressure seen on the Au Sable or Manistee rivers.  They’re gems, and worth keeping a secret.

Float/Wade Combo Trips–  Sometimes its nice to get out of the boat and fish, too.

Multi-Day Backcountry – Fully outfitted camping/fishing trips in the heart of the northern Michigan wilderness.  I have camping gear, cooking gear, fishing gear, etc., bring fresh groceries, ice and firewood to your camp daily.  These types of trips can be float or walk/wade, call for details.

Stillwater Bass/Bluegill– Specifically, fishing topwater flies for bass and bluegill on remote lakes where the fish rarely, if ever, see artificial flies.  Its almost not fair sometimes, and almost not fair means seriously fun fishing!


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