Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report for 4/7/15


We’re still being forced to deal with the white stuff

What a difference a week makes.  I’m firmly in pre-season mode now, stopping by one lake or another every other day to check for open water.  Scouting various stretches in the boat or on foot to see how the river changed over the winter.  There is some fishing mixed in, but nothing too serious.  Metaphorically, we’re still playing with our food.

April showers bring May flowers, and they also swell our rivers to nearly unfishable levels right when we’re ready to stop playing with our food and start digging in.

Last year’s runoff was much more severe than normal- it was kind of a perfect storm.  We had near record snowfall over the winter that was melting simultaneously with the first major rain events of the year, and oh yeah, the ground was still frozen.  All that water had nowhere to go but downstream.

This year, most of our snow is already gone.  Its completely gone around Grayling.  We’ve had enough warm’ish weather that the ground is already starting to thaw.  Unless we just get dumped on, this year’s runoff event should pale in comparison to 2014.  In short, we’re shaping up for a really nice opener.


John with a solid steelhead


Our northern steelhead run has started.  John and I hit a local stream for a few hours the other day and he hooked up with a solid steelhead in the 4/5-pound range on about his fourth cast.  John is an excellent nympher, so I picked his brain as much as I could and learned a few new tricks.  In fly fishing, there is always something new to learn.  Thats one of the big reasons why I love this stuff so much.

What else is new?

  • I have photos in both the Spring Issues of The Drake Magazine and Fly Rod & Reel.
  • For every inch of snow we lose, 100 piles of dog poop appear in my back yard.
  • I revamped much of the website over the past month or so, take a look around and let me know if there is anything you’d like to see.

See you on the water,



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