Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report for 4/17/15

IMAG2113I’ve found its a lot easier to book float or wade trips down any of the storied trout streams in the area than it is to book a stillwater trout trip.  So until I find a client base interested in stillwater trout fishing in northern Michigan, I’ll take advantage of the resource and enjoy them all to myself.

Fishing for midge-eating stillwater trout is a lot more like fishing for permit than it is fishing for trout.  A dorsal fin to tail rise here, a v-wake there.  Sometimes its a solo fish, sometimes its a pack.  Sometimes a fish will remain in an area long enough for you to take a few cracks at it, others, you only get one shot. Usually, its one or two false casts or you’ve wasted too much time, or the fish will be out of casting range.

So I found a little cove out of the wind and watched midges hatch until the flurry of v-wakes appeared out of nowhere.  I put a cast in front of them, a rainbow in the mid teens ate, and just like that, I had my first dry fly fish of 2015.  Its really not supposed to be that easy, but sometimes you get a break.


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