Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report for 4/1/15

IMGP0636If this year is like last year, we’re still about a month and a half away from hendricksons.  Fortunately, this year- as long as winter seemed- is not last year.  This year is going to be what I consider normal.  And looking through my journal, last year really wasn’t that abnormal once June 1st and the first wave of brown drakes came off.

What that long winter we experienced last year did was goof up the timing on the early season hatches.  Don’t expect that to repeat this year.  My journals following more “normal” winters like the one we’re wrapping up have hendricksons starting in the second or third week in April.  Thats right, in three weeks we’ll be fishing hendrickson hatches- and even though today is April 1, thats no April-Fools joke.

I haven’t been targeting trout too much yet, just steelheading mostly.  We’re solidly in the early stages of the steelhead season now, and I expect things to get markedly better by the day until our northern season peaks.  This year, I expect that peak in the last two weeks of April.

If my crystal ball is accurate, that means we’re in for quite the dilemma in a couple weeks- hendricksons or steelhead?

Most years, I think I’d side with steelhead, but this year, dry flies sound awfully nice…


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