Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report for 3/19/15

Tomorrow marks the first day of spring. It doesn’t even seem real writing that. Maple syrup flows, we had a stunning display of northern lights the other night, and we’ve had our first gush of spring runoff. Don’t tell anyone, but I even saw open water on a local lake the other day. It since froze back over, but I have a feeling a few more warm days will mean its time for stillwater trout.

The first month after ice out offers some of the best stillwater trout fishing of the year. Its some of the most fun you can have with a fly rod. Football shaped trout cruise below the surface, sipping midges and mayflies, sometimes launching themselves out of the water, but mostly just denting the surface. You chase rise rings, one cast goes 30-feet out at 3 o’clock, and almost just as soon as it lands, the fish has moved and you need to pick up and cast to 40-feet at 5 o’clock. Don’t relax now, the biggest trout you’re going to cast to all season just rose 60-feet out at 11 o’clock.

Did I mention how much fun these fish are?

If you want to get out now, there are steelhead trickling in. But its still a touch early to go gung ho. Streamer fishing can be the best day you’ve ever had in your life, or if the fishing gods aren’t in your favor, it can make you think that cabin fever wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.

Just a little longer, now, and it will be warm and the fishing will be good everywhere again and the biggest problem will be figuring out which river or lake to fish.

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